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1885: Woman Suffrage Defended

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Woman Suffrage Defended by Irrefutable Arguments

by D. P. Livermore

Curio 324.3 W872            Read the full text here.


"Suffrage is a natural right. This point established, it legitimately follows that all have the right to the ballot, irrespective of sex." (page 1)


Rev. Daniel P. Livermore (1818–1899) was a Universalist minister, author, editor, and social activist. He was the husband of noted writer, suffragist and social reformer Mary Ashton Rice Livermore (1820–1905).

Rev. Livermore envisioned Woman Suffrage Defended by Irrefutable Arguments as an attempt to carefully examine and completely answer "all objections to woman's enfranchisement." The first half of the work comprised lengthy statements on universal suffrage as a natural right and a political privilege. The remaining chapters answered questions raised by men and women who had publicly opposed woman suffrage.