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1911–1912: Woman Suffrage Arguments and Results


Woman Suffrage Arguments and Results

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By the 1910s the movement for the enfranchisement of women was gaining measurable results in the United States and around the world.

Woman Suffrage Arguments and Results is a collection of essays published in 1911 or 1912 by The National American Woman Suffrage Association "designed especially for the convenience of suffrage speakers and writers and for the use of debaters and libraries." The articles include "Why Women Should Vote" by Jane Addams; "Objections Answered" by Alice Stone Blackwell; "Where Women Vote" by Frances Maule Bjorkman; "Do You Know?" by Carrie Chapman Catt; "A Common Sense View of Woman Suffrage" by Jesse Lynch Williams; "Measuring Up Equal Suffrage" by George Creel and Ben B. Lindsey; and "Eminent Opinions," a collection of quotations from which the following were gleaned:

ABRAHAM LINCOLN--"I go for all sharing the privileges of the government who assist in bearing its burdens, by no means excluding women." (page 1)

MARK TWAIN--"If women had the ballot, they would drive the corruption out. Each party would be compelled to put up its best candidates to stand any chance of winning. I would like to see the ballot in the hands of every woman." (page 2)